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The Purpose of Spiritual Direction is

To Hear the Voice of Love

Spiritual direction is the act of paying attention to God, calling attention to God, being attentive to God in a person or circumstances or situation...It opens a quiet eye of adoration. It releases energetic wonder of faith. It notices Invisibilities in and beneath and around the Visibilities. It listens for the Silences between the spoken Sounds.             -Eugene Peterson


About Me

A spiritual director, pastor, retreat facilitator, and lifelong student of spiritual formation, I view spiritual direction as a way of helping us to be attuned and attentive to God’s presence and “voice of Love'' in our daily lives.

As an adult, I realized it is possible to participate in a faith or religion for decades, yet never experience an attuned, intimate, and loving connection with the Divine Presence. Much of our experience with religion is based on fearfulness, anxiety, and a drive for behavior modification and performance. The more I have practiced attunement with God, the more wholeness, healing, and health has come into my body, my soul, my relationships with God, others, and the world around me. I am committed to being a companion in your life who can practice attunement with you, bear witness to life's joys and sorrows, and accompany you on your journey with the Divine, Liberating, Loving Presence. The better attuned we are to the Voice of Love, the more healing we experience, and the more we are able to fully participate in the story of Healing in this world.

I am open to working with people of various faith backgrounds and will honor your sense of the Divine; my own religious context is Christian.

Juliet Liu, Spiritual Director


  • Deep love for providing a safe environment, an attuned witness for the experiences in your life, and gentle guidance as you experience God's attentive, gracious, transformative presence

  • Personal knowledge and practice of contemplative practices for Spiritual Formation

  • Experience leading contemplative retreats and providing teaching and guidance for nurturing spirituality (2016-present)

  • Educational Background:

    • M.Div. (Masters of Divinity), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (2005)

    • Current studies: Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Direction and Formation at GarrettEvangelical Theology in Evanston

  • Over 20 years of vocational Christian ministry experience; 9+ years of experience in Pastoral Counseling (2014-present)

  • Continued education and further formal training such as:

    • Group Spiritual Direction, Shalem Institute 

    • Trauma-Informed and Race-Conscious Spirituality

      • Anxiety Certification Course with Kimberly Morrow, LSCW, & Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, MSW, LCSW-C (2024

      • “The Body Keeps the Score” Continued Education course with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk MD (2023)

      • “Trauma-Informed Ministry” with Dr. Lallene Rector (2023)

      • "Decolonizing Spirituality" with Dr. Esther Acolatse (2023)

      • "Healing Racial Trauma" with Dr. Sheila Wise Rowe (2021)


How do you know Spiritual Direction is Right for You?


Love does not coerce us to listen; Love gently invites us. Love waits for us to be receptive. When we have a desire to learn, to listen, and to respond, we are ready for spiritual direction. This desire is the first requisite.

Openness to God

Central to spiritual direction is our openness to speaking to and listening for the Divine Presence. When we open ourselves to meeting God and practicing intentional postures of hearing from God, we will begin to experience more and more of God's presence and love in our lives. 

There are seasons in which listening - and listening from the heart - is not easy. With the guidance of a spiritual director, progress can be made.

Curiosity to Grow

Regular biweekly or monthly sessions will provide space for a meeting between ourselves and God. In our sessions, we can work toward setting realistic rhythms for experiencing God’s presence in your day-to-day life.

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