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What You Can Expect With Me During

Spiritual Direction

"Spiritual direction is not an opportunity

for one person to instruct another in Bible or doctrine.

Teaching is an essential ministry in the community of faith...

But there are moments when diligent catechesis is not required

and a leisurely pause before mystery is."

-Eugene Peterson

I view spiritual direction as a leisurely pause before Mystery. It is a way of helping us to be attuned and attentive to God’s presence and “voice of Love'' in our daily lives, then discerning together how God's Spirit is inviting a response. During this process, God reveals the false self from which we long to be freed, and invites us to explore our true self.


Spiritual direction acknowledges the spiritual life as something that is not done alone. Thus spiritual directors through the centuries have journeyed with others in their life with God, listening with them for the Holy Spirit’s invitations in the directee’s life, acknowledging the Spirit to be the true Director.

One-on-One Spiritual Direction

In the midst of constant activity and noise, spiritual direction can provide space to tend to one’s soul, to enter into the quiet and discover what is there, to breathe and rest in God, to discern how God may be leading, and to explore our purpose in this world.


A typical spiritual direction session may include moments of silence, meditative reading, physical movement, guided prayer, parts work, and/or conversation. I am willing to enter into the time however the directee chooses as well as focus on any questions or issues for discernment they bring. My role is to help you explore, in all these things, how God is present with you, and what your present relationship with God is.


Group Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction also happens as we enter the mystery of the Divine with a group of companions who are committed to growing in a deepened awareness of and attachment to God for discernment of the authentic true self. My role as the spiritual director is to facilitate these groups to be a place of mutual and shared growth.

Depending on the availability of participants, the groups may meet monthly or twice-monthly. 

Faith Backgrounds

I enjoy working with clients who bring an openness to the presence of Divine Love that gives direction to their soul and who they are becoming. As a spiritual director, my commitment is to honor your sense of the divine presence in your life. While I am open to providing this space for those who follow other religions or forms of spirituality, it would be helpful for potential clients to know I am personally based in the Christian tradition.

Initial Consultation

We’ll begin with a consultation, for which there is no charge. We'll talk about your journey up to this point, where you'd like to go, and what your questions and longings are. I'll share a bit more about myself, and you can ask any questions you have about my background and the process of spiritual direction. 


After our first meeting, we will both take a week or so to reflect (through prayer, meditation, journaling, or whatever your process is), and then decide whether we both think I could be a helpful companion and guide for you.

Moving Forward Together

The dynamics of spiritual direction will allow us to become acquainted and to learn to listen to God together with regards to your life and the Spirit’s work in you. It takes time to build a relationship of trust, of course, and therefore, after an initial complimentary session, I ask for a commitment to a series of 3 sessions, after which we can debrief again about how things are going.

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