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One-on-One Spiritual Direction Sessions:

Meetings are scheduled once a month, though we can customize the frequency to your needs. Your consultation session has no cost. After that, the fees are as follows.

● $65 for a single 55-minute session.
● $180 for a package of 3 sessions ($60/session)
● $350 for a package of 6 sessions (approx. $58/session)
● $660 for a package of 12 sessions ($55/session)
● $95 for a single 85-minute session (I do not offer packages for larger sessions since these are scheduled only as needed)


Packages are non-refundable.
For clergy, BIPOC, or LGBTQIA persons, I offer a reduced or negotiated rate - please inquire if you are interested.

Electronic payments are preferred:
Paypal (
Venmo (Juliet-Liu-4)
Cash or check can also be accepted in person.

Group Spiritual Direction

To create an atmosphere of trust, these groups require a 6 month commitment. In group spiritual direction, we learn to spiritually accompany one another, sharing from the deep places of our lives, and listening to God together. I provide in-the-moment instruction, facilitation, and structure so the group can be a safe place to share our spiritual journeys. Availability depends on interest. If you let me know of your interest, I can reach out to you when a group of 3 or 4 can begin.

6 months, 90-minute meeting once a month: $55/month

6 months, 90-minute meeting twice/month: $100/month 

Spiritual Formation Learning Cohort

This group meets weekly to 1) learn about spiritual formation and 2) to practice group spiritual direction together. I provide instruction, training, and facilitate our shared learning. Cohort members are expected to commit to reading and learning activities, as well as meet consistently for the 9 months of the cohort.

9 months, 90-minute meeting weekly: $300/month

Retreat Facilitation

Please inquire using the contact form below and include the following details...

  • What is the purpose of the retreat?

  • What is the location and length of the retreat?

  • How many retreatants do you expect to be in attendance?

  • What are your expectations for me as a retreat facilitator? (Teaching on a topic? Experiential guidance in prayer, contemplation, meditation, etc? Offering spiritual direction for retreatants?)

  • Do you have someone overseeing administrative needs for the retreat such as location, meals, etc? 

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